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Bryan McLellan (btm) wrote :

Does anyone else have an issue after reboot with lsassd not starting after the first reboot with likewise-open= It runs fine when started manually.

root@lasras02:~# lwsm list
lwreg running (standalone: 724)
dcerpc running (standalone: 907)
eventlog running (standalone: 1076)
lsass dead
lwio running (standalone: 1164)
netlogon running (standalone: 989)
npfs running (io: 1164)
pvfs stopped
rdr running (io: 1164)
srv stopped
srvsvc stopped
root@lasras02:~# lw-find-user-by-name mclellanb
Failed to locate user. Error code 2 (ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND).
Unknown error
root@lasras02:~# lsassd --start-as-daemon --syslog &
[1] 25336
root@lasras02:~# lw-find-user-by-name mclellanb
User info (Level-0):
Name: mclellanb
SID: S-1-5-21-1461435909-1932928848-1747393877-1108
Uid: 2048918612
Gid: 2048918017
Gecos: Bryan McLellan
Shell: /bin/bash
Home dir: /home/OPTIMIZE/mclellanb
Logon restriction: NO