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Raffaele Candeliere (candeliere) wrote :

Hi everybody.
I'm experiencing the same problem, with the difference that i'm not running a virtual machine. It's Ubuntu 12.10 on a fresh new install on iMac 7.1. It hangs, let's say, 6 or 7 times out of 10 anywhere from the first "checking battery state" (and my desktop, obviously doesn't have any battery)
I've googled around and i've found a workaround (sort of) but it's by no mean a real fix (i hit ctrl-alt-f1, then login, then "sudo su" and finally "pkill X". This restart X and i have my login screen back)
By the way, i'm EFI-dual-booting alongside with Mac OSX, if this informations can help.

Thanks in advance for any help