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tuttle (sven-launchpad-anderson) wrote :

This is really a show-stopper and spoils the otherwise solid solution to use Ubuntu and KVM for virtualization.

Why did nobody propose yet to shut down the VMs by the qemu-kvm script? I think "stop qemu-kvm" should try to shutdown all running kvms and kill them after a timeout, independently of libvirt. This would also work for instance, if libvirtd has been stopped before for other reasons and then the system is rebooted. With the monitor (which is accessible after libvirtd has been stopped) you can send a "system_powerdown" command.

At the moment "stop qemu-kvm" just removes the kvm kernel modules. Maybe this is the explanation, why the kvm processes get killed? (Well, normally not, the modprobe -r should not succeed, as long as the module is in use. I cannot try it at the moment.)