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ossjunkie (ossjunkie) wrote :

@soren: as i simple don't know how to trigger it only on shutdown, as the premise was it should run on regular stop. but i know it may ease the situation and would like to do so. do you know some solution here. maybe we could do a simple condition that checks for an enviromental stuff thats only present on shutdown/reboot and is a reliable source. and yes i left some ugly debugging stuff in, but because it isn't ready so far ;)

regarding the killing by /etc/init.d/sendsings we could easily test when the VMs got killed and how to prevent when libvirtd would be still accessable. so i would say we should get the upstart things right first and then go on with that. maybe we could try to track and bound the pids of the guest somehow to the upstart job (in case we keep it seperate) and prevent it that way.