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Soren Hansen (soren) wrote : Re: [Bug 350936] Re: Should shut down domains on system shutdown

On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 08:04:48PM -0000, Francesco Pretto wrote:
>>> why does libvirt-bin still stop before the libvirt-shutdown-guests
>>> job has finished the script?
>> Good question. Upstart shouldn't be killing it, but something else
>> might. I can't imagine what, though.
> I'm not sure Upstart isn't supposed to kill them.

Not "them" (as in the kvm guests), but libvirtd itself. Besides, of
course upstart is meant to kill it (or shut it down by some other
means), but it shouldn't be doing it until all tasks that are triggered
on "stopping libvirt-bin" have completed.

> Let's suppose upstart is able to track all pids forked for
> livbvirt-bin job start (and it doesn't do so, even if the "expect
> daemon" stanza is used: this may be an upstart bug): there would be a
> pid for libvirt-bin and many pids for kvm guests. Suppose you want to
> kill the libvirt-bin job: how can you tell upstart to kill just
> libvirt-bin and not kvm guests? I don't think upstart jobs are so
> flexible.

I'm reasonably sure upstart only tracks one pid per upstart job, and as
such has no notion of the started kvm guests.

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Developer