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Francesco Pretto (ceztko) wrote : Re: [Bug 350936] Re: Should shut down domains on system shutdown

2010/6/24 Soren Hansen <email address hidden>:
>> why does libvirt-bin still stop before the libvirt-shutdown-guests job
>> has finished the script?
> Good question. Upstart shouldn't be killing it, but something else
> might. I can't imagine what, though.

I'm not sure Upstart isn't supposed to kill them. Let's suppose
upstart is able to track all pids forked for livbvirt-bin job start
(and it doesn't do so, even if the "expect daemon" stanza is used:
this may be an upstart bug): there would be a pid for libvirt-bin and
many pids for kvm guests. Suppose you want to kill the libvirt-bin
job: how can you tell upstart to kill just libvirt-bin and not kvm
guests? I don't think upstart jobs are so flexible.