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Magnus Stefanus (stefan-frey) wrote : Re: [Bug 569543] Re: Could not identify preference: username Could not identify preference: session_key failure yet authed for services

Hey Niko, yes it's right, the system language of my ubuntu is german and the facebook-language is also german. I changed the language in facebook to english (uk) and tried again to add my fb-account to gwibber but the 'add' button still didn't appear after correct authorization!

Am 05.05.2010, 00:05 Uhr, schrieb Niko Ehrenfeuchter <email address hidden>:

> Ken, I still suffer from the above problem described by Magnus Stefanus,
> though you're right with your interpretation of the german localized
> message "Mit Facebook verbunden" (it reads "Facebook authorized" on my
> system here since I don't like to live in a localized Linux, apart from
> being a native german speaker).
> How can I help do debug this any further? Maybe it *is* language-
> related, since my facebook-account is localized in german, as well as it
> is probably for Magnus' account (just my personal guess). Nevertheless,
> don't know if this makes any difference at all...
> (Btw, I didn't click on the "Add" button in the version shipped with
> lucid-vanilla until it showed the "Facebook authorized" message, yet the
> behaviour was the same as described in this bug. Just to be precise.)