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Niall Gallagher (npgall) wrote : Ubuntu 9.04 gnome-screenshot (Alt-Printscreen) black/blanks out top of windows in multi monitor xinerama

I have Ubuntu 9.04 configured in a multi-monitor Xinerama setup of a centre monitor 1600x1200 and two smaller monitors 1280x1024 on either side i.e. different resolutions across the screens.

In Ubuntu 9.04 gnome-screenshot now black/blanks-out the top 210 pixels of any screenshot I take of an individual window (i.e. Alt-Printscreen) regardless of which monitor I take it on. The number of pixels blanked out seems dependent on the difference in the y-offset across the screens as configured in xorg.conf. Taking a screenshot of the whole desktop works properly. The problem did not occur at all in Ubuntu 8.10.

Here's the relevant extract from my xorg.conf:
Section "ServerLayout"
 Identifier "Layout0"
 Screen 0 "ScreenCentre" 1280 0
 Screen 1 "ScreenLeft" 0 210
 Screen 2 "ScreenRight" 2880 210
 Option "Xinerama" "On"

Note that the left and right monitors are slightly lower on my desk than the centre monitor so I've set their y-offsets in xorg.conf to 210 pixels (from what otherwise should be 1200-1024=176 pixels) so that when I drag windows between monitors the widows appear at the same level.

I'll attach a screenshot of the whole desktop to illustrate the xorg offsets, and screenshots of individual windows which illustrate the problem.