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Chaim Eliyah (chaimeliyah) wrote (last edit ):

Forgive me if I missed something in reading but is there a link to a bug on the Gnome side? This seems absolutely _constant_ in 22.04, and interrupts many games and programs. It seems like a really bad idea given that many programmers are relying on async tasks/callbacks/etc. these days. Impetus should be on the user to force quit a program that isn't responding; don't need the ...errr 'helpful' box. (: In any case I know it isn't about this team specifically, but would like to follow up with Gnome.

Also there are a lot of links to this bug around, e.g., askubuntu; but the problems are not all related to programs hanging when debugging, it's just that people keep closing other references as duplicates. To be clear, it's not just affecting developers. This happens to me in Thunderbird, Firefox, Chrome, Steam... the list goes on.