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Robert Ancell (robert-ancell) wrote : Re: snapd plugin blocks shell search provider to return results

What seems to be occurring here:
1. GNOME Shell sends the search term to GNOME Software.
2. GNOME Software does a search for this by passing the search term to each plugin.
3. Both the appstream and the snap plugin return results.
4. The IDs are sent back to the Shell.
5. The shell asks for additional metadata on these IDs.
6. For some reason, we don't get data for the snaps, but we do for the appstream IDs.
7. Only some of the metadata is returned to the Shell.
8. The Shell ignores all the results because not all the metadata is there


  if (metas.length != metasNeeded.length) {
    log('Wrong number of result metas returned by search provider ' + +
        ': expected ' + metasNeeded.length + ' but got ' + metas.length);

So if we fix bug 1713929 this would probably not be an issue, but the specific cause of this bug is the Shell.