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Michal Hlavinka (mhlavink) wrote : Re: umount of ecryptfs does not automatically clear the keyring (was: ecryptfs can be mounted with any passphrase)

how to reproduce:
1) su -
2) useradd ecryptfstest
3) passwd ecryptfstest #add any passphrase
4) logout root
5) log in as ecryptfstest
6) ecryptfs-setup-private
7) log out and log in
8) mount # confirm ~/Private is mounted
9) log out
10) mount # confirm ~/Private is not mounted
11) su -
12) su - ecryptfstest

~/Private is mounted (no passphrase was entered - because key is still in keyring)

~/Private is not mounted (key not in keyring)

in short: after logout, key is not removed from keyring