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Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

I understand Travis' justification about making compiz not on by default for ATI due to -ati bugs, although like Kees I also wonder if this is too overly restrictive. Whitelisting seemed like an acceptable compromise though. Can someone explain why this approach has not yet been taken? For example, what specific reasons are there for not taking Andrea's patch in comment #45?

I'd really like to find a solution other than leaving 100% of ati cards blacklisted from compiz, and I'm removing the Won'tFix for now. Even if it is not solved by 8.04.0 (which I think should be the goal), we need a better solution by 8.04.1 at the latest.

If there are specific -ati bugs that are the primary driver for the blacklist, please identify them and I will place my top focus on getting those solved in coming weeks.