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Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

Hello, the following information should complete this bug as a valid SRU report, to hopefully upload this fix to Lucid.


Checkbox revision 794 adds a Suggests: for checkbox-cli or checkbox-gtk to ensure they are present when checkbox is installed.

Also, ubuntu-desktop (source from ubuntu-meta revision 171) (dated 2009-01-31) adds a dependency on checkbox-gtk to ensure it's always installed. Still it's possible to remove ubuntu-desktop and checkbox-gtk to reproduce the problem.


I was unable to replicate the behavior described in the original report when installing Ubuntu 8.04 (with hwtest) and trying to upgrade that to 10.04. The test case is thus slightly artificial and a bit convoluted but illustrates the problem, which apparently happened while upgrading from 8.04 to a non-LTS release (either 8.10 or 9.04):

1- Do a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04
2- apt-get remove checkbox-gtk (this removes also checkbox and ubuntu-desktop).
3- apt-get install checkbox

In this case checkbox gets installed, but there is no interface, so there isn't even a way to invoke it (the report talks about checkbox-backend but that has been phased out, however the dependency problem still remained).

Of note, in 10.04 ubuntu-desktop depends on checkbox-gtk, so a situation where checkbox-gtk is not present means the user forced (or agreed to) removal of ubuntu-desktop.

Regression potential:

for Lucid there's practically none, as the only possible side effect from this change is that, upon installing checkbox, either checkbox-cli or checkbox-gtk will be suggested. Since the checkbox package is basically unusable without either interface, a case where a user is affected by this suggestion is very unlikely.