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Merritt Boyd (mboyd) wrote :

This is in fact a bug in casper, and not a dupe of #492301. The error message we're seeing is an annoying by-product of casper searching for its filesystem image across all removable media, some of which (the floppy drive in particular) may cause an error to be printed when queried. Whether or not you see it depends on the order casper queries the various system media, as it stops as soon as it finds the one it wants.

This bug alone shouldn't prevent the system from booting, but if casper is unable to find an image, it will keep looking in a loop, causing the error to be printed repeatedly. People seeing repetitions of this message and then dropping into an initrd shell have bigger problems, unrelated to the reasons for seeing this message on successful boots.

As has already been pointed out, disabling the floppy drive will suppress the message. A better fix would be for the casper devs to change line 44 of /scripts/casper-helpers from "eval $(fstype < $1)" to "eval $(fstype $1 2>/dev/null)".