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William Grant (wgrant) wrote : Re: no support for gpgsig tags

That patch won't do anything because you included the new check inside the "if commit is not None" block, which is an assertion that is meant to never fail.

Even if it was in the right place, however, it would try to raise None as an exception and crash.

If you fixed that, it would do as Jelmer says: create a corrupt branch that is unable to reproduce the commits that it says it can, because it won't store the gpgsig field that is needed for reconstitution.

This is fundamentally a very difficult dilemma, because you can't ignore the field: you either have to store it verbatim in a revision property, giving up the ability to implement it properly in future; or implement it properly, which it isn't at all clear how to do. Due to the way that git and bzr-git operate you can't just ignore it and hope it will work.