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Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

Following discussion on IRC:

> 1) Why is this configuration option not default upstream?

For their stable release policy. This doesn't apply to a new Ubuntu release.

> 2) Debian doesn't carry this flag.

It will.

> 3) Any security implications that I've not thought of?

Marc has acked the configuration switch, but not enabling rate limiting in the default config, which I think is fine and is what is being asked for here.

> 4) We're past feature freeze for Trusty.

LaMont says that we've carried a patch for this feature before, so if support is gone, this is actually a regression. Thus I think it's a bugfix, not a feature, and so the freeze doesn't apply.

LaMont said he'd look at this on Sunday for us (thanks!). IRC log will appear here, though it's not updated yet: