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Till Kamppeter (till-kamppeter) wrote :

libicc2 will be included as a basic library for color-managed applications.

Original description:
 The icclib is a set of routines which implement the reading and
 writing of color profile files that conform to the International
 Color Consortium (ICC) Profile Format Specification, Version 3.4.

ICC profiles are central part of color management as they contain the color correction information resulting from color calibrations done either by the manufacturers/driver developers of imaging devices like scanners, printers, monitors, and projectors or by user calibration with calibration devices (often done on monitors). ICC profiles are also used to define standard color spaces like sRGB or AdobeRGB.

The library makes it easy to handle these profiles in applications by giving appropriate functions.

Ghostscript is one of the applications using this library, currently statically linked and shipping the source in Ghostscript's upstream tarball. This is a bad idea for maintenance. Ghostscript will not get bug fixes and improvements in the library as soon as the Argyll/libicc2 package is updated. On security updates always both Ghostscript and Argyll need to be updated. Every hidden duplicate of upstream source code needs to get eliminated.

In addition, having the library separate from Ghostscript it is open for being used by other applications.

So therefore we should have libicc2 as shared library on the CD and Ghostscript linking to it. CD space should be at least partially being compensated by Ghostscript.