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Abel Deuring (adeuring) wrote : Re: [Bug 379393] Re: add checkbox submission reference

On 03.09.2009 20:09, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Sorry, it just occurred to me that in the general case we can't link the
> hwdb submission key, we can just add the key value to the description
> field. This is because Apport's job ends with opening a browser window
> to file a bug, and never gets back the ID.
> So either developers need to grab the key and fetch the corresponding
> hwdb object manually, or LP needs to be extended to accept a checkbox
> submission key in the +storeblob area (in the MIME headers, similar to
> the Private:, Subscribers:, and Tags: fields). The latter would
> obviously be preferrable, but needs further changes in LP.
> Abel, what do you think?
> For now I'll just add the reference key to the description.

I think adding a header like

 HWDB-Submission: submission-key

is fine. (Actually, a user might have run checkbox more than once on a
machine, so we should also allow

 HWDB-Submission: submission-key, submission-key...


I opened bug 424382 for the Launchpad side.

> Ah, and adding the actual key is already done by /usr/share/apport
> /general-hooks/, so there's nothing to do in Apport right
> now. I'll reopen this if/when LP extends the +storeblob API accordingly.

Not sure what this means. Do we already have they submission keys
somewhere in the data sent by Apport to +storeblob?