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Rhonda D'Vine (rhonda) wrote :

You can contact me any time in case you need any help with getting translations in. The initial report and still current bug description doesn't make any sense to me because the site currently *is* available in different languages and translated already quite a fair amount of it.

The site has some additional strings, I will have to look into how I can make them available for translating, either directly in the master branch (preferably, to avoid merge troubles on string/code changes), or one can fetch the po file from the ubuntu-master branch which hopefully should contain those additional strings.

I can look into it in the next weeks whether the additional strings are in there and if not, bring them in - but please don't hold your breath, I'm currently pretty busy with things ...

Thanks for the headsup! And ... I noticed that the package descriptions aren't there anymore at all. It seems like there have been some changes to the Packages files in ubuntu about which I didn't get notified, so I am not aware what exactly was changed there and will have to reverse engineer the issue again. This also might take a fair amount of time until I get to it, and I'm sorry for that, but priorities are priorities, and workload is workload, and I have no sponsor for that work. ;)