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Milo Casagrande (milo) wrote : Re: [Ubuntu-translation-coordinator] [Bug 392750] Re: needs translation


2009/7/1 David Planella <email address hidden>:
> == Proposal ==
> Actually, here's an idea: we should contact Frank Lichtenfeld (the guy
> behind and ans see what he
> thinks first, but what about:
>      * Create a wiki page in the TranslatingUbuntu space explaining the
>        process
>      * Create a project in Launchpad (only for
>        translations)
>      * Import translations from
>;a=tree;f=po into
>        Launchpad Translations (either by manually importing the POT/PO
>        files or by mirroring the git branch to a bzr branch).
>      * Add a link to the wiki page with the explanation of the process
>        to the template information text box.
> What do you guys think?

The idea of doing the translation through Launchpad would be
interesting, the only problem I can see is with languages that already
have a translation made by Debian teams. Don't want to cause any
frictions between other teams. We need to said it loud and clear that
for doing translation there, first it's necessary to interact with the
Debian team.

For the Ubuntu only strings: if the strings are normally extractable
from the source code, if we can do the translations in Launchpad and
send them back to Debian, even if they get merged with the Debian POT
files, those strings will become "obsolete", but as long as they are
merged with the Ubuntu POT, they should be valid (if I'm not totally
wrong). The problem could be with Debian upstream deleting the
obsolete strings, but Launchpad will anyway preserve them, so we
should be safe with any new import of POT templates.

Obviously, that means that languages that have Debian translations
shouldn't modify them and should only translate the new strings.

Sounds complicated?

Milo Casagrande <email address hidden>