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rich painter (painterengr) wrote (last edit ):

I want to let you know that the apport-collect process did not go without errors. In order to get this I first blew away the entire installation again. I installed from USB 22.04 lts amd 64bit. I did NOT run the live but rather just the Install Ubuntu.
1. check Normal Install
2. check 3rd party software
3. uncheck Config Secure boot
4. selected the (only) net interface intel wifi.
5. Select Something Else
6. on nvme0 I deleted the 2 partitions I created for the last UM install attempt
7. I created a 200mb /boot and remaining space / of the 2 TB samsung 980 pro ssd
8. set TZ Denver
9. entered user name and pw
10. Installing pane appeared and indicated "copying files" and "removing files".
11. then the error dialog popped up which I have previously reported. it was identical to the previous ones.

12 NOTE... no where did the installer ask for the wifi credentials. the subsequent UM that was installed did not have any wifi connections upon startup.

13. Upon the first startup following the failed installation a dialog popped up "System Program Problem Detected. Do you want to report?" Answering Yes caused nothing to happen.
14. from a root shell I ran apport-collect 1972044. this indicated to use a browser and go to a URL. That wanted my login which I provided
15. Next the web page indicated "Almost finished". I waited about 5 minutes for that status to change to "Finished" or the like. That never happened. I suppose this is another bug...
16. While that web page showed "Almost finished" I gambled going back to the apport-collect program which was waiting for an ENTER. I ENTERED.
17. An error emitted from apport-collect: "ERROR: AttributeError)"'NoneType' object has no attribute 'origins'"). I suppose this is yet another BUG...
18. The web page still waiting showing "Almost finished" did not finish or change in any way.
19. I ran apport-collect 1972044 again. Without output about authenticating apport-collect emitted again the same "ERROR: AttributeError("'NoneType' object has no attribute 'origins'").
20 Now I return to the bug report and see that something did actually get inserted into this bug report.