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Ayumu Ueha (ueha) wrote :

According to SOL001(*1) "A.6.1 ScalingAspect and InstantiationLevels policies with uniform delta",
number_of_instance of deltas in `VduScalingAspectDeltas` is able to have different value even if aspect_id and delta_id are the same as follows:
    - vdu_1_scaling_aspect_deltas:
        type: tosca.policies.nfv.VduScalingAspectDeltas
          aspect: database // aspect_id
            delta_1: // delta_id
              number_of_instances: 2
        targets: [ vdu_1 ]
    - vdu_2_scaling_aspect_deltas:
        type: tosca.policies.nfv.VduScalingAspectDeltas
          aspect: database // same aspect_id as vdu1
            delta_1: // same delta_id as vdu1
              number_of_instances: 3 // !! another number !!
        targets: [ vdu_2 ]

But in current implementation of tacker, extract policies information using tosca_utils._extract_policy_info(*2) method as follows (Excerpt from VduScalingAspectDeltas):

    if tosca_policies is not []:
        for p in tosca_policies:
            if p.type == ETSI_SCALING_ASPECT_DELTA:
                vdu_list = p.targets
                aspect_id =['aspect']
                deltas =['deltas']
                delta_id_dict = {}
                for delta_id, delta_val in deltas.items():
                    delta_num = delta_val['number_of_instances']
                    delta_id_dict[delta_id] = delta_num
                aspect_delta_dict[aspect_id] = delta_id_dict // !! Overwrite if the same aspect_id !!
                aspect_vdu_dict[aspect_id] = vdu_list
If it is the same aspect_id and delta_id, it will be overwritten by the value of the later one (overwrite by number_of_instance: 3 of vdu_2_scaling_aspect_deltas in case of the SOL001 definition example).

*1) SOL001:
*2) _extract_policy_info():