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LiangLu (lianglu) wrote :

We found if we run vnf delete package command soon after upload command,
delete command will return success however in database the vnf package still remains.

Steps to reproduce:
1. run openstack vnf package upload

2. run openstack vnf package delete soon after upload command

3. use sql command to check vnf_packages table with uuid, the package is deleted (deleted=1)

4. use sql command to check vnf_package_vnfd with uuid, vnfd is not delete (deleted=0)

we are assuming this bug may caused by delete and upload command is running simultaneously,
thus delete command finished while upload is in progress, something will be remained if
it's upload process started after delete command is finished.

Thus, to add a delete lock for vnf_packages with PROCESSING or ONBOARDING state might be
a solotion to this bug.

(now the delete lock is only enabled for ENABLED and IN_USE vnf packages)