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Kawaguchi (ken-kawaguchi) wrote :

How many to reduce, how many do we display the columns using "--long" option?
Do the columns in each command display as follows:

  without "--long"
    id, name, description, mgmt_url, status, vim_id
  with "--long"
    id, tenant_id, instance_id, name, description, mgmt_url, status, vim_id, placement_attr, error_reason

  without "--long"
    id, name, description, infra_driver, mgmt_driver
  with "--long"
    id, tenant_id, name, description, infra_driver, mgmt_driver, service_types

  without "--long"
    id, tenant_id, name, type, description, auth_url
  with "--long"
    id, tenant_id, name, type, description, auth_url, vim_project, placement_attr, auth_cred

Would you please tell me if there is a good idea?