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Hatsune (hatsune) wrote : Re: [Important proposal] Decentralized* or Federated snap store operation structure as ubuntu *mirrors

There's something to say about snapd and snap store client (GUI). that huge feature request doesn't bring any sooner hope.

We install apps using CLI (apt) and there's Snap CLI

- bring mirrors facility for snapcraft (whether use CLI or desktop client, it'll connect to selected servers)
(that is the goal of this feature request)

**Snap CLI**

sudo snap install nextcloud
(it connect to mirrors and download the snap and manual updates as well)

In this case, no gui contents as client-app (no images, videos etc) and you can provide option to opt in-out metrics through other settings modification

**Snap Store**

It will connect to mirror servers for downloads/updates but gui contents (images, videos,...), metrics, and other data fetch using existing method (centralized servers). just snap store/ gnome software is a different thing