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නොදන්නා (aunknown) wrote : [Important proposal] Decentralize snap store operation structure as ubuntu mirrors

Snapcraft webapp doesn't affect with this feature request
- Snap store website -
 (including administrative facilities and developer account usage etc)

This feature request belong to certain backend services and client-end applications

(1st stage)
i. app downloads -
ii. images and static contents - (or

 Benefits: Seriously reduce server maintain costs (+snapstore day by day become popular)
           Most fastest downloads when connect to regional servers (including content access)
           Users don't need connect to overseas servers or centralized environment

(Related request about mirror option:, not only for that country; other countries also experience same issue. basically mirror apt downloads more faster than to snap store)

(2nd stage) this may give complicate with current implementations however you can try later.
iii.snap store metrics - (or
    (metrics can be sync to main server per 4-6 hrs same as mirror update interval)

(Additional client facilities)
Sign-in - As i know it use for get access to private and unlisted apps. In this cause, it can connect to canonical servers directly for provide access to account and match(retrieve) ID of particular app then client know where has it on mirror server to download
or if you decide, private/unlisted apps are confidential then avoid sync those apps to mirror servers and let to download from main servers as now.
(Basically sign-in option only use in client by small amount of users for certain purposes when compare with total snap store users)

About organizations, enterprises use-cases - I believe this will good solution for them to keep head out from overseas networks and let everyone to get apps from snap store

Private stores/ Brand store - You can get benefit from this feature request to fulfill many expected desires