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Mauricio López (mauricio-pronet) wrote :

I get the same error selecting:
1) Menu File - Send by Email...
2) Shift + Ctrl + E

There was an error executing 'xdg-email'.
Error while executing 'xdg-email'.
Exit Code: 2.

Excecuting xdg-email on the terminal it launches a new email window with the default email client (Thunderbird).
Output of sudo dpkg -s xdg-utils is:
Package: xdg-utils
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: utils
Installed-Size: 302
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <email address hidden>
Architecture: all
Multi-Arch: foreign
Version: 1.1.1-1ubuntu1.16.04.1
Recommends: libfile-mimeinfo-perl, libnet-dbus-perl, libx11-protocol-perl, x11-utils, x11-xserver-utils
Suggests: gvfs-bin
Description: desktop integration utilities from
 xdg-utils contains utilities for integrating applications with the
 desktop environment, regardless of which desktop environment is used.
 They are part of's Portland project.
 The following utilities are included:
 * xdg-desktop-menu - Install desktop menu items
 * xdg-desktop-icon - Install icons on the user's desktop
 * xdg-email - Compose a new email in the user's preferred email client,
   potentially with subject and other info filled in
 * xdg-icon-resource - Install icon resources
 * xdg-mime - Query and install MIME types and associations
 * xdg-open - Open a URI in the user's preferred application that
   handles the respective URI or file type
 * xdg-screensaver - Enable, disable, or suspend the screensaver
 * xdg-settings - Get or set the default web browser and URI handlers
 If you are running GNOME, make sure that the gvfs-bin package is
Original-Maintainer: Per Olofsson <email address hidden>

Machine info:

OS: Linux Mint 18.1 Serena x86_64
Kernel: 4.8.0-53-generic
Cinnamon 3.2.7
CPU: AMD FX-8350 (8) @ 4.000GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
Memory: 2666MiB / 16029MiB