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Iestyn Guest (iguest) wrote :

Umm, well, the screenshots save automatically in /home/iguest/Pictures/ As it happens /home/ is located on an NFS share drive.

So, last night I formatted the disk and installed Ubuntu 12.04 fresh (not Kubuntu). Remounted my NFS share, and the error (Error while adding the file monitor. ) came right back again.

I suspected that either NFS is the problem, or something in my home directory... So, I created a new test user account. Ubuntu creates the users home directory on the NFS share ( /home is mapped to the NFS share) - All is well. Shutter works flawlessley in the new account over NFS. The problem must be something is my own home account. I've checked file and group permissions on all files and directories. Even unmounted .gvfs and deleted it. Rebooted - Same problem still. Not sure what else to check. Any ideas?