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Aaron Roydhouse (aaron-roydhouse) wrote :

I think the NFS/AFS issue is a bit of red herring or actually a different problem.

The error we all experiencing at their core are all inotify errors, inotify is a kernel service, so it affects lots of software, like Shutter, like Dropbox, gnome-vfs, etc. NFS/AFS never supported inotify anyway, so that seems peripheral (IMHO).

The problem doesn't happen after a reboot, and hits people who use inotify a lot, so it smells like a resource leak. And given this is a kernel service, probably a leak in the kernel. For me it seems to have started about 3 months back, so probably someone on the kernel team made a boo boo.

This bug-fix here #1101666 looks like worth trying, it is specifically a kernel fix for a leak in inotify (of file descriptors).

It has just be pushed as a kernal update (3.2.0-37.58), so you don't need to go to too much trouble to try it. I suggest we all update, reboot, and then wait and see if this problem ever returns.

If after this update you still get the NFS/AFS issues, then I think that is a separate bug.