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David Britton (dpb) wrote : Re: [Bug 1367482] Re: 1.7: maas handed out incorrect address

On Tue, Sep 09, 2014 at 11:42:21PM -0000, Julian Edwards wrote:
> Everything looks fine from a MAAS pov;
> c0:3f:d5:63:ff:41 has got IP
> c0:3f:d5:60:4e:f2 has got IP
> DNS is linking node1.maas to

I think maybe I missed telling a key piece of information:

node1.maas (c0:3f:d5:60:4e:f2) should be

but DNS thinks it's

node9.maas c0:3f:d5:60:4e:f2 I have no idea about, but it probably
wasn't turned on at the time.

Anyway, in the leases file, *:4e:f2 is and is the only
entry in there, yet the dns mapping was wrong.

This is the bug.

Maas version: 1.7.0~beta2+bzr2916-0ubuntu1~ppa1

David Britton <email address hidden>