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Andres Rodriguez (andreserl) wrote : Re: 1.7: maas handed out incorrect address

15:01 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: weird, only 134
15:01 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: ok, i think i've seen this bug before
15:01 < dpb> not sure how it got there, but from my understanding it was a pretty vanilla orangebox
15:02 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: i think something else crashes on maas-clusterd(pserv.log), and this causes the dhcp stuff to break
15:02 < dpb> roaksoax-us-holiday: only other weird symptom I saw was it wasn't consistent. we allocated/started the machine to check, came up fine on the 100.3 address. Then, the next bootstrap, same split IP problem.
15:03 < dpb> but ya, could have been something as you say, not sure
15:03 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: at a certain point in time, this happened:
15:03 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: and i'mn thinking that's the cause
15:04 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: either cluster/region connection broke or something, that caused the DHCP stuff to go funky
15:04 < dpb> ahh, interesting
15:04 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: so, restarting apache2, maas-clusterd and maas-dhcpd should fix this
15:04 < roaksoax-us-holiday> dpb: but ensuring that maas region/cluster *can* communicate
15:04 < dpb> well, IIUC, we had to truncate the file first
15:04 < roaksoax-us-holiday> but I think we definitely need to investigate further
15:04 < sparkiegeek> there was a tick in the cluster page