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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Hi (cross post I know),
there is a bit of a "somewhat dup" context around the list of the following bugs:
- bug 1646779
- bug 1643911
- bug 1638982
- bug 1673483

Unfortunately, I’ve never hit these bugs in any of my libvirt/qemu runs and these are literally thousands every day due to all the automated tests. I also checked with our Ubuntu OpenStack Team and they didn't see them so far either. That makes it hard to debug them in depth as you will all understand.

But while the “signature” on each bug is different, they share a lot of things still (lets call it the bug "meta signature"):
- there is no way to recreate yet other than watching gate test crash statistics
- they seem to haunt the openstack gate testing more than anything else
- most are directly or indirectly related to memory corruption

As I’m unable to reproduce any of these bugs myself, I’d like to get some help from anyone that can help to recreate. Therefore I ask all people affected (mostly the same on all these bugs anyway) to test the PPAs I created for bug 1673483. That is the one bug where thanks to the great help of Kashyp, Matt and Dan (and more) at least a potential fix was identified.

That means two ppa's for you to try:
- Backport of the minimal recommended fix:
- Backport of the full series of related fixes:

Especially since the potential error of these fixes refers to almost anything from memleak to deadlock there is a chance that they all might be caused by the same root cause.