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h1repp (heinz-repp) wrote :

I use a lot of of Java applications, and this bug bites me with all of them. Just to mention a few: Freeplane, Routenplaner, Sudoko Generator, a.s.o. This is on Lucid Lynx UNR on my ASUS EeePC 1000H (10").

When starting any of them, they maximize at start, but they are not active, so there is no title bar in the panel. An unknowing user would be lost here already. Clicking into the empty white app screen gives me the title bar, and right click and "Restore" gives me the contents.

This seems clearly to be a bug of Maximus, as excluding Java apps from Maximus mimics it, and a non-Swing test case is able to provoke it. If this really is "wishlist" priority then all non critical bugs should be labeled so.