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William Fraser (william-fraser) wrote :

I've just updated to 10.04 netbook remix on my EEEpc 901

The problem with failure to display java application window content is here. I've loggded out and back in using normal ubuntu gnome desktop rather than maximus, and java application runs just fine. I've also run the application on an older version of java that I was using without problem on 9.04 and it now suffers from the failure to display the window contents when run in 10.04

This to me makes it look more like a problem with maximus rather than swing if it ran flawlessly under older version of UNE, but not under 10.04 using same java program, and same java run-time environment.
Also the problem doesn't happen in a browser, which would suggest it's not a swing, but a window manager problem.

I've attached the source code of the java program to demonstrate the problem.

this java program creates Test.class which can either be run as an application ("java Test" at command line) which will open up a stand-alone window which will be black if it works propperly, or can be opened in a browser using an applet tag:
'<applet code="Test.class" height="384" width="512"></applet>'
Try running it under UNE desktop and normal gnome desktop and see how it runs in one but not the other.