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Jean Pierre Roquesalane (jproque15130) wrote :


I'm experiencing the same issue, it looks like the host manager is looking for an entry which doesn't exist:

Jun 05 12:54:25 ubuntu2204-devstack manila-scheduler[169298]: INFO manila.scheduler.host_manager [None req-9fa07831-1238-4787-97e1-e11883ce4210 admin None] CAPABILITY HAS: {'pool_name': 'Env8-SP-SW_SSD-1', 'thin_provisioning': True, 'total_capacity_gb': 4602, 'free_capacity_gb': 1485, 'allocated_capacity_gb': 67, 'provisioned_capacity_gb': 200, 'qos': False, 'reserved_percentage': 66, 'share_backend_name': 'powerflex', 'storage_protocol': 'NFS', 'vendor_name': 'Dell EMC', 'driver_version': '1.0', 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2023, 6, 5, 12, 53, 28, 923517), 'driver_handles_share_servers': False, 'snapshot_support': True, 'create_share_from_snapshot_support': False, 'revert_to_snapshot_support': False, 'mount_snapshot_support': False, 'dedupe': False, 'compression': False, 'replication_type': None, 'replication_domain': None, 'sg_consistent_snapshot_support': None, 'security_service_update_support': False, 'network_allocation_update_support': False, 'share_server_multiple_subnet_support': False, 'ipv4_support': True, 'ipv6_support': False}

As you can see in the previous ouput, there is no reserved_snapshot_percentage Key.