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I am using the server migration feature to migrate share servers from one pool to another keeping the same share network. Current implementation assumes that the network on source and target pool are in the same network segment, i.e. segmentation id is not changed. However, in our environments, the backend pools may be connected to different physical networks. So the neutron networks consist of multiple segments, with different segmentation ids. Thus migration fails.

Steps to reproduce

1. manila share-server-migration-check --preserve-snapshots True --writable True --nondisruptive True a85f022b-cddd-40bf-b95f-bfa84d64868c manila-share-netapp-ma01-md004@ma01-md004

Expected result
compatible: True

Actual result
compatible: False

Manila: Xena
Storage: NetApp (dhss=True)
   type_drivers = vlan,vxlan
   tenant_network_types = vxlan,vlan

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