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P. Dunbar (vigilcode) wrote :

quite nice. still has room for improvement but much more useable than the previous version.
some notes: With the touchpad as an entire button I find "tapping" does more to get in the way. So I set all tapclicks to 0 again and also palmdetect to 0. With tapping enabled I find I frequently and inadvertently get the pointer in odd states like with the hand grab icon and a + symbol even if i release my hand away entirely.
Regardless, even with my changes to the .fdi above grabbing windows and resizing them while holding my thumb down at the bottom is working perfectly.
At this point I'd say we are 90% at fully mimicking the functionality from Mac OSX. The one thing i can identify that is missing is the following:
Within Mac OSX i can physically rest my thumb at the lower portion of the trackpad. While the thumb is resting there and not moving I can move my finger around above it to move the cursor and click with my thumb as needed. This makes the touchpad act as the old maclaptop that had the button there. I can tell they actually disable touching down there during this time cause as i move the finger above, if I then move the thumb it takes about 2 seconds to register the thumb moving.
This functionality would be great to add but this might get hard.