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Henrik Rydberg (rydberg) wrote : Re: [Mactel-support] [Bug 356317] Re: Make click-and-drag work for Macbook(Pro) 5, 1+ (touchpads with integrated button)

Hello Cornelius,

> Henrik, thanks for having a look at the patch. I had thought that
> synaptics was the right place for this functionality, and that's why I
> looked at that first, but seeing that synaptics wasn't receiving the
> coordinates for multiple fingers, I wrote a patch for bcm5974. Now, as I
> understand it, you haven't yet released the bcm5974 patch to add MT
> protocol support or the new driver that takes advantage of this MT
> information, right?

I see. Well, the patches were reviewed and accepted by Andrew Morton
more than half a year ago. The fact is that the whole MB5 and MT
development got held back half a year simply because there was noone
actually merging the code into linus tree. The MB5 patches are being
merged now, but the MT patches are in for a second review. This whole
business put me off a little, so my plan is simply to hold until all
merging and negotiation is done. Sometimes things just take time, sorry.

> PS: Since it is drag related, I'll ask here: Is there a way to disable
> tap-and-drag but keep taps enabled (to click)? I couldn't see a
> synaptics option for that. If I added such an option to synaptics, would
> it have any chance of getting accepted?

Yes! You work would be very much appreciated.