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Henrik Rydberg (rydberg) wrote : Re: [Mactel-support] [Bug 356317] Re: Make click-and-drag work for Macbook(Pro) 5, 1+ (touchpads with integrated button)

P. Dunbar wrote:
> Would you need to split on hardware ID? It seems the code makes these
> changes based on an if statement on whether or not it has an integrated
> button. That should just trigger false on the MBP4,1 I'd assume. If
> that's the case then even the other functionality I mentioned could be
> added based on the same IF statement.
> Apple def has special rules for that bottom quarter of the touchpad to
> literally mimic the button on the 4,1.

Yu might be interested in this kernel thread:

It deals with extensions to the kernel to, among other things, properly
handle the unibody trackpad. The patches are in Andrew Mortons -mm tree


Basic support for Macbook5 is in the pipeline since long; it got stuck
upstream because of a vanished maintainer, but should appear in 2.6.30:


As can be seen from the unibody ubuntu thread, the click-and-drag
problem is known and is being worked; there are more patches in the
pipeline not listed here because they depend on additional kernel
changes not upstream yet. If you do have kernel patches for bcm5974,
please read the Documentation/SubmittingPatches document of the kernel
GIT tree, and send the patches to me for review.