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Ian Ohr (munk3h) wrote :

On my macbook 3.1 suspend and resume works over 50% of the time, however when it does not work, this happens:

* I open the lid of my macbook 3,1
* The led next the infra-red port goes out
* The dvd drive makes it's usual noise
* Then nothing

The screen does not display anything, it is as if the screen is not given power. The bug seems to be a more comprehensive failure of the resume as I cannot power the system down using known working keyboard shortcuts.

There is a similar bug
but this similar bug allows you to see something on the screen if you look carefully. It is just the backlight that does not come on.

I don't know how to debug this but I assume I would have to perform some sort of pre-emptive strike. Establishing something that observes the state of things when the system is suspended, then logging that state if resume succeeds. From this log one could perhaps see that one state is not listed.

I suspect it is something to do with one of the following:
* Connected to mains power during suspend
* Disconnected/Connected to mains power while suspended
* On battery power during resume
* On mains power during resume
* Any other combination of power state, including charge level of battery.