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Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

I totally agree having a path exposed for users to get involved in fixing bugs is a great idea.

However I think this concept needs fleshed out a bit more before it can be considered to add to launchpad. For instance, where in the UI should the link go. Should it simply be a link to an external URL, or should there be an intermediate page in launchpad itself, that e.g. allows user to assign bug to themselves? Is "fix this bug" the best text for the link name, or will it trick users into thinking that the link will somehow result in someone else being more likely to fix it?

How would this work for non-Ubuntu projects using launchpad? Should there be some administrative UI for them to insert a different link? Inside launchpad, should this be something set at the product level, source-package level, or team level? If one of the latter two, how to handle bugs filed against multiple source packages?

An idea I've been kicking around is having launchpad include a method to trigger development environments to instantiate a project for the bug. For instance, it could trigger groundcontrol to fire up.