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John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote : Re: [Bug 416990] Re: Memory usage of codehosting processes is excessive

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Tom Haddon wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 04:49 +0000, Robert Collins wrote:
>> We know bzr can use a lot of memory, but telling us that won't help us
>> fix it - we already know.
>> To fix it we need to know what *that specific process was doing*, so
>> that we can reproduce, test, analyse and fix.
>> Getting:
>> - the branch being operated on
>> - how many packs and indices the branch had, its format
> Here's an example (taking the first process listing in that top output
> as an example):
>> - what smart server verbs were called
> I asked Aaron about this and he said he doesn't think we log what verbs
> were used. Let me know if that's wrong and how to find it.

Well, you could run with "-Dhpss" which would log them. I'm not sure how
to inject that via the setup. Perhaps setting the config entry:

debug_flags = hpss

In ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf

However, when you encounter one of these processes, if you could a
terminal attached, then you could use SIGQUIT to break into the
debugger, and figure out what is currently happening.

I wonder if we would want to hook up SIGHUP or something along those
lines to just dump the current backtrace into .bzr.log, as a method for
debugging service processes...

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