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BloodyIron (bloodyiron) wrote :

I have to say this really should be moved up from a Wishlist priority. As a hosted service, SSO is a requirement for modern IT security, and is a reasonable expectation of SaaS clients. Having to manage yet-another-account-system just to manage your own Ubuntu systems, is really unnecessary administrative overhead, _especially when the on-prem alternative already has SSO capabilities_.

Again, it is a commonplace expectation that when signing up to use a SaaS/Hosted service, in this day and age, that external auth (SSO/otherwise) is an available option, and I find it really disappointing to learn this feature is completely absent, from a bug report.

I'm literally in the process of evaluating Landscape to manage our Ubuntu fleet going forward, and this for sure is something we need. I'm also the one responsible for IT Security at my org, our current security framework mandates this.