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John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote :

I believe in the discussion today we came to the idea that
a) Autopilot can create a UUID for the agent name when it does the reservation
b) Autopilot can then bootstrap Juju with the same UUID to allow Juju to use those reserved instances
c) We can ask MAAS to make it a no-op to acquire a node by name as long as the agent_name matches.

Ideally you would actually use a token system to avoid race conditions, but node-name + agent-name is probably sufficient.

I don't think we want it for any case where the agent_name matches and the constraints happens to match, as that could easily lead to cases where Juju races with itself to acquire the same node. (And you can probably come up with a case still on 2 clients requesting the same named node, but the race should be small.)