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Adam Collard (adam-collard) wrote :

If it were to be qualified by agent_name then it wouldn't satisfy our needs (but I understand why you would want to do that). We query MAAS over the API, let the user pick a subset of the nodes and then bootstrap, add-machine and deploy to those specific nodes (targeted by name).

Another way of interpreting the request is that we be able to delegate an acquired node to a different agent (e.g. Landscape acquires but gives permission to Juju to use). As far as I know it's not possible to know what Juju will use as the agent_name so even this ability might be tricky without some way of either instruction Juju to use a given name or be able to generate it in advance. Until JES is ready, we are bootstrapping on to one of the selected nodes so we won't even have an environment to query to get the agent_name.

Note that the only constraints we need for this use case are the name one, I understand that general support for this with Juju would hit some issues with other constraints.