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Henri Bergius (bergie) wrote :

@Ryan couple of questions to clarify this:

* Are you using Basic or APIkey authentication?
* Are you making a HTTP POST?
* What exact error message are you getting?
* What POST variables are you sending? Here are the ones Qaiku accepts:

  - "status" contains the message you're posting. If it is a Qaiku starting a thread it must be under 140 chars. Replies can be longer
  - "data" can contain additional machine-readable QaikuData (see the Twitter data format)
  - "external_url" can contain an URL if you're posting a link Qaiku
  - "lat" and "long" can contain user's coordinates in decimal format
  - "location" can contain user's textual location
  - "source" can contain app name, say 'gwibber'
  - "channel" can contain name of a Qaiku channel (without # in front) if you want to post to a channel
  - "in_reply_to_status_id" can contain the ID of a Qaiku message if you're posting a reply. ID is a Midgard GUID value
  - "lang" can contain the two-letter language code for the message ('en', 'fi', 'de', ...)

Please set only the variables you're going to put something in.