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Submitter: Jenkins
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commit 17a3b259213b7267573bb6c9adbf38c84914db2d
Author: Ngo Quoc Cuong <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 17 03:44:33 2017 -0400

    Reuse neutron-lib for pep8 hacking checks

    neutron library has a good hacking rules set, we can use these rules
    instead of reinvent the wheel. These such rules are:

    - [N521] Validate that jsonutils module is used instead of json
    - [N532] Validate that LOG.warning is used instead of LOG.warn. The
             latter is deprecated.
    - [N537] Don't translate logs.
    - [N534] Exception messages should be translated

    It also enables H904, which allows the logging package to skip
    creating the formatted log message if the message is not going
    to be emitted because of the current log level.

    Change-Id: I3b3649bbe8a7a3ae69d3ea1553923567b5a350d7
    Closes-Bug: #1704691