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Ralph Lange (ralph-lange) wrote :

But these are *not* cross-builds.

With the mingw32 tool chain, you are using a 32bit compiler executable to build 32bit artifacts.
It's the same as on Intel based Linux or Windows, where you can run the 32bit native compilers on a 64bit system.

Also, this is not a particular configuration, but the out-of-the-box standard on MSYS2/MinGW systems. The installer creates two icons "MinGW32 shell" and "MinGW64 shell" that start MSYS2 with the appropriate toolchain setting.

I was assuming the EpicsHostArch script to be a user convenience service, trying to determine the correct EPICS host architecture for the context it is run in. The environment settings in a "MinGW32 shell" or "MinGW64 shell" clearly indicate which toolchain is to be used. IMHO, the EpicsHostArch script should output the setting for the intended toolchain.