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Andrew Johnson (anj) wrote :

When we first started running the libCom tests on VxWorks I found it useful for the test harness munch file to be installed into the bin/<arch> directory instead of buried somewhere inside the source tree. This is no longer as advantageous since the tests now depend on various other files (mostly .dbd and .db) which are also spread around the source tree (although maybe not quite as much), so I have to cd around the tree anyway to be able to run them.

We don't currently have a way to build Base without also building the tests, but that's actually a completely orthogonal issue. If we wanted that I would probably implement it by adding a TEST_DIRS variable (analogous to DIRS) and only descend into those directories when actually building tests. We only have one TESTPROD being built in a non-test directory at the moment:

Entering 'pva2pva'
p2pApp/Makefile:TESTPROD_HOST += testmon