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Ben Franksen (bfrk) wrote :

> As a result we *cannot* implement a generic solution for this in the core IOC code (dbAccess.c).

If the link field can remember complicated stuff like which PV it points to, plus flags (CPP, MS, whatever) then why can't it remember a single numeric constant and use that constant as the data source when the record calls dbGetLink()?

> Keeping that technique working is what this bug is all about

I am trying to understand your reservation here and failing. I have never understood why in EPICS CONSTANT links can/should only be used for/during initialization, nor why there is a different call to initialize a field from a CONSTANT link instead of adding this functionality to the regular dbGetLink function. Which is why I thought fixing this bug would be a great opportunity to rectify that: get more functionality, less record diversity, more orthogonality.

Just my 2 cents.